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Choosing App Developers

October 24, 2016 - App Development Company, Mobile App Developer Company - ,

Daily, we chat to many prospective clients. We love doing this and guiding them as they make a decision regarding their app. We also realise that it is a big decision for our clients to decide on a development agency for their app. We would like to offer some suggestions on how to choose an app development agency for your project:

1. Communication

From the moment you make contact with an app development company you must be critical and alert to their response to you. How long did it take to receive a reply or a phone call or even a demo app? If the app development company is not doing this initial part of communication hastily then chances are down the line after your project is done the commitment to communication will get even worse. Make sure that what you are receiving from the app developers are thoughtful communication. This will ensure you are guided properly and will aid you in decision making.

2. Comfort

We advise that you feel comfortable with your app developers. Can they speak your language or is it mostly tech jargon and terminology. Do they really try and understand what you are trying to achieve with you app. Are they motivated to provide you with the best service possible. An app project can have a lot of back and forth communication and being able to speak comfortably to your developers helps achieve goals faster and more effectively.

3. Reputation

Ensure that your app developers have live published apps in the app stores. Do a google search for their company name and read some articles you can find on them. Make sure they have a landline and an actual office where you can meet for a coffee. Have a look at their Google ranking. If they are on page 3 of Google for the search term ” app development cape town ” then chances are they are still finding their feet in the industry.

4. Client Referrals

If you are able to actually speak to clients that have dealt or are dealing with the app development agency then it is a sign of transparency and legitimacy. Why not ask them to provide contact information of some clients and get some real time feedback from existing clients.

5. Time Frame

It is important to note that the average app can take up to 6 months to develop. Ask the question about development time and try and find an agency that will be able to provide for your deadline to go into the app stores.

6. Cost of App Development

This topic is still new to most people as apps are still pretty much in the introduction phase in South Africa. The cost of an app can range greatly. Much more than the cost of a website. Some fully functional commercially ready apps can cost as low as R20 000. Some phase 1 prototype apps can cost over R1 Million. It depends on the project, the type of tech needed and the client budget. Make sure you go to an agency that can deliver the best possible app for your budget. Be upfront about what you are able to spend or if you need an investor. Remember that the app development agency is there to help you make the most of your idea.

If your choice of app development agency can tick most of these then you surely will be in the right hands.

As always, please feel free to contact us to discuss anything at all regarding your app development project.



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