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Advantages of an app in South Africa

February 8, 2017 - Mobile App Developer Company -

Advantages of an app in South Africa

  1. The app market in South Africa is still wide open with business opportunities. South Africa is still getting used to apps and most entrepreneurs have not realised the potential of launching an app as a business in South Africa. The app market in South Africa is growing and there is plenty of space available in the app stores for South African apps.
  2. With little competition in the app stores your app stands a great chance of ranking very high or at the top for your chosen industry. Ranking in the app store is important as it provides you as app owner with free app store traffic and thus free organic downloads. If you compare this to launching a website about flights to Kenya your website may never see the top of the first page of Google. But your app about flights to Kenya may be at the very top within days of being published in the app stores. The website market is simply to saturated and competition is intense.
  3. The cost for app development in South Africa is deemed highly affordable compared to that of other countries. This means you can get a professional mobile application made in sunny South Africa at a decent development fee.
  4. First mover advantage. In South Africa, many industries are yet to launch apps. They rely on their websites, existing client base and word of mouth to grow their businesses. By launching the first app in a specific industry you will enjoy many first mover benefits.
  5. Earning revenue by not exchanging time to do so. When you have launched a mobile app as a business, the great thing is that your business does not have an opening and a closing time. Meaning your business can service clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This allows your business to earn revenue while you sleep. An example of this would be running an app that is a business directory. Locally South African’s have proved they love apps like Factory Shops SA by downloading it more than 60 000 times in one year. This app is a simple directory of factory shops and provides all the benefits associated with apps such as shop distance from you, searching and gps navigation. Once this directory has been built it requires minimal updates and thus the app owner receives regular revenue from factory shops for allowing them to be listed in the app. You are thus providing a service withour giving your time away to do so. As the app grows in downloads so the cost increases to be listed in the app. In this case the shops love paying a fee to be listed in the app as they get exposure to a highly targeted clever shopper. Also, this app is still the first of its kind in South Africa and with over 60 000 downloads being the first mover in this case has yielded great results.

You may want to consider launching your own mobile app in South Africa as there are tons of exciting opportunities available. Currently we have 2 directory apps for sale in markets we believe can be lucrative.

Get in touch should you wish to discuss a mobile application in the South African context.


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