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An app like Uber

August 16, 2016 - Mobile App Development -

On a daily basis we are contacted and asked to quote on apps that have a similar functionality to Uber. At the moment Uber is estimated to be the most expensive app built thus far and the estimated cost according to is R14 million rand. So of course we can understand that we need to be able to provide a better more cost effective solution as very few individuals would spend that kind of money on mobile application development. So this is where the fun part comes in. Our clients will give us their idea and we will determine what the outcome is they are actually looking for in terms of app function and purpose. By taking this approach and focusing on achieving that outcome we open the door to a variety of solutions that can effectively perform the task required. It is also quite relevant to discuss the difference between a MVP / Prototype and a Commercially Ready Application. As with any business you start small and then scale it as required. When it comes to running an app as a business the same can be done. You can start by having a MVP / Prototype developed. This is basically a simpler more lean version of your app’s concept and function and thus the development cost is significantly lower than a full scale commercially ready application. To start by testing the market with a MVP / Prototype your reduce your financial risk drastically should the app not be a success. Once your app has proven itself and you need to start scaling the structure to accommodate more users and everything that goes along with growth you can start development on the Commercially Ready Application. This is a refined product and it contains improvements and enhancements based on the knowledge gained from the MVP / Prototype. So it certainly is clever to test your app idea with a lower initial investment and once you have confirmation that the market is ready for you then you can confidently invest in the growth of your app that is your business.

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