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June 5, 2017 - Business Opportunities, Business Systems, Business Systems Automation -

We speak to many clients who ask us how they can improve productivity by automating certain aspects in their business. This is a discussion that any business should have on a regular basis as there is always new solutions available to automate business tasks.

Some examples of tasks that can be automated:

  1. Automatically extract specific data from emails into a structured Google Sheet. This means, from emails you can build a database and organise data for a variety of purposes.

Case study:

James has many tasks to do on a daily basis, but one of them is taking up more time than the others. He needs to compile sales leads into a spreadsheet that come in via email. So currently James is doing the old copy and paste each time an email comes in. It is taking up 2 hours a day. DreamWeave Digital automated this process and now James has extra time each day and can finally catch up on his other tasks.

2. Posting new content to social media accounts.

Case study:

Hurly works for a graphic design firm and they use several social media platforms to promote their content. Specifically their blog posts. Currently when a new post is published Hurly has to copy the link and log into all 7 accounts and paste it. This process can be automated and save at least 30 minutes of his time every single day.

3. Update rows/content in a Google sheet/database

Case study:

Danie’s company uses a Google Sheet as their main database. As it’s powered by Google Danie knows his data is in the safest hands. But Danie has a problem, the information in his database changes almost hourly, and it is a very tedious time consuming task to manually update the information for such a large database. DreamWeave Digital implemented a system that automatically looks for the content that needs updating and then does it automatically. This system is saving Danie’s team hours each day.

4. Save email attachments

Case study:

Bheki is tasked with manually saving email attachments into a folder and organising it by customer. This task takes up most of his day. DreamWeave Digital created a system that automatically saves and organises the data into the cloud where it cannot be lost. Saving hours of time each day.

These are just some examples of automating business systems. We feel confident we can help your business save time and be more productive. If you suspect you may need a productivity audit please get in touch with DreamWeave Digital for a free assessment.

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