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CNNMoney’s Best Jobs in America

January 12, 2017 - Mobile App Developer Company -

The American job market is currently enjoying its strongest period in nearly a decade, it has risen from the depths of the global market challenges faced towards the end of the last decade and it is expected to maintain that strength into 2017. This creates an environment where workers have greater choice and greater security than during weaker times, which means that they can be more selective about where to apply their skills.

CNNMoney conducts an annual search to define America’s Best Jobs and every year this list makes for interesting reading and sheds light on the trends in the labour marketplace and hints towards the workplace of the future. The criteria upon which they define the best jobs include:

  • professions that offer opportunity for advancement/growth
  • professions with a high degree of job satisfaction
  • the overall availability of jobs within a profession
  • remuneration (how strong it is now and how fast it is growing)
  • how meaningful or stressful a job is
  • how difficult is it to get started in a particular field
  • the likelihood of promotions (calculating how many people end up in higher job titles 5 years down the road)
  • the ability to telecommute

Here are the details, as per CNN:

Their research returned some interesting results! See the full Top 10 lists HERE, but what really caught our eye was Number 1!

According to CNNMoney and, the number 1 job in America for 2017 is MOBILE APP DEVELOPER.

As smart devices become more powerful computing machines and are increasingly integrated into our lives, apps become more and more important because they allow us to customise the experience and services provided by these devices to our own needs, tastes and lifestyles. Not all apps are necessarily changing the world but app developers get to create things that can reach millions of people on a daily basis. This also creates a growing demand for developers who build and update apps so that they are secure, user-friendly and sought after.

Here at DreamWeave Digital we love that we allow our clients an entry into this world. Most of our clients are private individuals or small businesses who have an idea or vision but no, or limited, development skill. We like to forge a partnership with our clients where we allow them to bring their concept to market, in order to realise their vision, by providing a cost effective and objective driven development approach.

If you have an idea and want to join the global move to an app economy then please, get in touch.


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