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February 12, 2016 - Business Systems, Mobile App Development -

We are living in an exciting time for digital.

Almost on a daily basis we discover/build new tools and resources to help us and our clients solve digital problems. It’s a nice challenge to try and keep up with all the offerings/requests out there and we find that the more research you do and the more you see real world implementation of these tools the better you can solve a client’s problem across industry.

We have been able to help so many businesses across many different industries. Most recently we enjoyed working on a solution for a financial planning consultancy. This particular client saw an opportunity to have documents/financial products ( forms ) pre-populated with their client’s standard information. This means when a consultant meet with a client they do not need to spend any time whatsoever on filling in standard information on any forms. All the forms/products are pre-populated for all their clients. Imagine how much faster it is then to sell a new policy if you eliminate this admin burden? The end result of this solution we created is that our client ( the financial planning consultancy ) can access all their client documents on their phone and tablet and have their client sign and accept the policy on the device immediately. Obviously all the documents are stored securely and also in the cloud so they can never be lost. It also saves paper which is great for our planet.

Everything is moving to digital and everything is syncing constantly.  Chances are there is a way we can help you sell more and sell faster. Please feel free to get in touch if you suspect your business processes may need a digital upgrade.


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