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Directory Apps – Why handheld is king!

June 21, 2016 - Mobile App Developer Company -

Directories are a tried and tested business model. The concept has a crystal clear value proposition to clients (listed businesses) and customers (readers). Clients benefit from the exposure of their business to a specific target market and customers benefit from having access to a curated list of service providers for the service they need.

Apps take directories to the next level. They increase the value to both parties and represent a great revenue model to the directory owner. Native apps add the power of the handheld device to the traditional directory listing┬áto allow for instant navigation, instant click to call, ratings and reviews and, of course, its always in the customer’s hand. Customers get more value than ever because they have the list in their hand, they can choose a service provider closest to their location, they can now see ratings and/or reviews of the listed business and they can contact them immediately. Clients get more value that ever because their listings are even more targeted on people searching for their service nearby, and they get the reward for their good service by gaining favorable reviews and ratings which reinforces their sales effort.

The revenue model for the directory owner, our client, is simple and scalable. Basically, you charge businesses to list in the directory. Its a volume game, you charge a low enough amount so that it carries little risk for the business…make it a no brainer to list. The potential earning is dictated by the size of the market. How many thousands of service providers are there in any chosen industry in South Africa? Multiply that by your chosen price and you have the total potential revenue.

There are endless possibilities whether you focus on a particular industry (for example, there are 2131 Dentists listed in the Yellow Pages. You could charge a Dentist as little as R 50 per month to earn over R 1 million per year! Similarly there are 4551 Electricians listed, 3225 Plumbers, 6333 Doctors and over 200 Laundries and Tailors) or area (how many businesses and residents in your neighborhood? Create a “Durbanville” app which allows users to find the nearest steakhouse, vet, library, park, coffee shop, petrol station etc etc….).

The model is simple, the value proposition is clear, the potential earning is big. Its a traditional business model enhanced by the power of native mobile applications.

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