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eCommerce Website Development

February 2, 2017 - eCommerce -

eCommerce Website Development

Having an online presence where consumers are able to buy your product and have it delivered to their door is becoming an essential part of growing any business. It is crucial to have a website developed that can be fully mobile responsive, easy to navigate and eCommerce focused. Shoppers are getting tired of busy malls and queuing to pay for an item. Shoppers are becoming increasingly time sensitive and thus they enjoy being able to buy something from the comfort of their personal computer or using their smartphone. This is where professional eCommerce Website Development can contribute massively to your company’s profitability.

The first place you should start when considering to take you offline company into the online digital space is your product catalogue. By defining which products and brands you will be selling online you can start to fine tune the eCommerce structure required for the website development. During this process of defining your structure you can start putting together the product details for your website developer. These include product names, images, sku’s, sizes, colours, descriptions etc. By having this document ready and signed off before development commences is a big time saver.

You can then continue to set up your payment portal merchant account. Which in South Africa in most cases is PayFast. This payment portal will allow you to accept payment on your eCommerce website.

Now you have your products and you have your payment portal. The next step is to decide on the eCommerce website’s layout. How do you want it to look? The best tip here would be to provide your website developer with links to existing eCommerce websites and stipulate what you like and do not like on each of them. Together with your website developer you can draw up a project brief regarding the layout of the site.

After you have your products, your payment gateway, your layout of choosing it is time to put together the general content. This refers to the actual copy and images that will be used on the website. At DreamWeave Digital we always go the extra mile by writing unique copy for each client as we find it helps them to decide about which direction to follow. Writing copy may be crippling to some and that is why we love to assist. If you struggle with finding images to use for your website you can always try a royalty free website called Pexels. These images can be used on your website free of charge until you are able to source all of your own.

Believe it or not these 4 aspects will form the core of your eCommerce website. You can now watch your site being developed and once phase 1 of development is complete you can request revisions and start the fine tuning process.

In not too long you can make sure you have stock to sell and start sending visitors to your new eCommerce website. This then starts your journey of selling a product while you sleep.

Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions regarding eCommerce Website Development.


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