By using the awesome new Sheets API by Google. It is now possible to use a Google Sheet to power the data of your mobile app or website. By creating a Google Sheets API you can manage your app’s data in real time from the Google Sheet. To illustrate this concept you can view a screenshot of a Google Sheet containing a list of restaurants, an image and the restaurant location.

Google Sheet as API to power data for an App or a Website

Google Sheet as API

The data in the Google Sheet then feeds into the app in real time. The result in the app in this case is quite useful. The device sorts the restaurants by distance from the app user. So the app user will see their nearest restaurant special. See below the output in the app.

Google Sheets as API 1

So as you can see by using a Google Sheet you can manage data in your app quite easily. This API is really awesome and it is currently helping many of our clients manage their apps. Whenever you change data in the sheet it goes to the app and website almost immediately. Perfect for managing content and especially great if you have a few team members working on the same sheet. We invite you to contact us should you require a Google Sheets API.

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