Google has made a change that will affect your website


As of 21 April 2015, Google has changed the way they will rank websites in their powerful search engine. To put it simply, Google will rank “mobile friendly” websites higher. Websites that are traditional, old school or simply built in a “non-responsive” manner will be penalised as these websites do not adapt to different screen sizes of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


This move from Google is not unexpected as more people are browsing the internet from mobile devices than ever before. If your website is not a responsive website then you need to be concerned. The goal of any website is to rank as high as possible in search engines for certain keywords. If you have a great website but it is not mobile friendly then Google will not rank that website.


So it is a problem, but there certainly is a simple solution. You need to revamp your website into a responsive website that is mobile friendly. DreamWeave Digital is here to help and we would love to quote you on revamping your website in a powerful mobile device friendly ranking machine.


To read more about this massive change implemented by Google you can browse these 2 handy links: