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Mobile App Developer Company

July 27, 2015 - Mobile App Developer Company -

Mobile App Developer Company

DreamWeave Digital Pty (Ltd) is a mobile app developer company based in Cape Town.

With over 52 mobile apps developed and published across the three major platforms we are growing at a rapid pace and having loads of fun with our clients while doing so.


We have done app development work for clients all over Southern Africa.


It is very possible to successfully complete a mobile application development project by only communicating electronically and telephonically with our clients that are not based in Cape Town. This is largely due to the advanced demonstration apps we can build for our clients to preview their apps in their own hands while we make the changes they requested. Having said all of that, we prefer to meet with our clients in our offices which are based at The Business Centre in Century City just outside of the Cape Town CBD.


As a modern mobile app developer company DreamWeave Digital is a client focused organisation. We make sure we understand exactly what our client is trying to achieve to enhance their business or to launch a new business from scratch. By understanding the use case and process flow for the app user we are able to offer our clients the most cost effective solution possible to fulfil their vision.


It is crucial that solutions in the mobile environment are elegant. This starts with the user interface. App users should be able to easily understand how to use your app. Then those functions must be built on a solid foundation in order to eliminate potential bugs.


The mobile app development sector in South Africa is growing nicely and more clients are becoming aware each day that their business can do wonders with a mobile app.


At DreamWeave Digital we specialise in custom mobile application development. We have developed apps in the following sectors: Retail Trade Apps, Wine Estate Apps, Payment Apps, Travel Apps, Church Apps and various other sectors.


Our door is always open to discuss an app for your business and we will give you honest well researched feedback and also attempt to advance your business idea or offering.


If you have the need to meet with a mobile app developer company then please look no further and give DreamWeave Digital a call on 021 830 5731 or email


All the best,


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