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Mobile App Development Advice

January 29, 2016 - Mobile App Developer Company, Mobile App Development -

Mobile App Development Advice

  1. Is your app idea useful?

Before investing time and money in an app, make sure to do the research. An app needs to help people solve a problem in a more convenient way than using a traditional website.

2. Have a clear app promotion plan in place

Your app may not get downloads unless you promote it to its target audience. Word of mouth is great but you first need to expose your app to enough people so they can start talking about it. We find that apps that have a very clear purpose and user benefit enjoys the most word of mouth exposure.

3. App download price

Will your app be free, or will you charge for it. Generally in South Africa people do not like paying for apps. There are other ways to moneytise your app.

4. How to moneytise

4.1 Sell ads in the app. None of us like ads so why do it to your audience. This is a bad way to try and make money from your app.

4.2 Charge for sending out push notifications. This is quite clever. You can send out a notification promoting a business and charge that business a fee. App users can then view the notification and potentially make use of the service offering.

4.3 Charge to list businesses in your app. If you choose to list certain businesses in your app you can charge them a monthly or annual fee. Even if this is a low amount per store. You as the app owner will be on the receiving end of potentially hundreds of stores that signed up to be in your app.

4.4 Affiliate marketing. In your app you may choose to sell flights or products or anything that you can earn an affiliate commission on. We have seen quite a few people who earn a high amount of monthly commission doing this.

4.5 Build and resell. If you have a great concept and you would like to employ a development company to help build it, you can certainly use us to do so. If you then feel you have built the structure of the app to the point where it needs to be taken over by a new owner that will spend the required money on launching it then you can resell your app at a decent profit.

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