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Mobile App Estimate South Africa

February 13, 2017 - Mobile App Developer Company -

Mobile App Estimate South Africa

In order to get an estimate for mobile app development you can simply provide the following information to any mobile application development company in South Africa.

  1. App Brief

This can be very informal. You simply write an explanation or even bullet points of what the app needs to do. From here you can open the dialogue with the app development agency and fine tune the app’s scope.

2. Target App Stores

You will need to specify in which app stores you need the app published. Sometimes our clients will first launch in Google Play and then later launch in iTunes. Often a client will choose a cross-platform app and thus it means you can publish into both app stores at the same time as the app runs of one codebase for both Android and Apple.

3. Timeline

You will need to tell your developers how much time they will have to develop the app before you launch it to the public. This will allow the developers to ensure that the app can be completed in time based on the agreed scope of services.

4. Budget

If the app development has a budget not to be exceeded it will be helpful to the app developers as they can eliminate more expensive and unnecessary components. It is often good to launch a product that fulfils the core objective and once it gains traction in the market it will warrant spending more money on the fancier nice to have features.

5. Integrations

Should your app need to be integrated with existing systems you will need to specify this.

6. Confidentiality

Should you feel your idea needs a non disclosure agreement you can also request that before starting this process.

Getting an app estimate is an informal process and it all starts with contacting a few app development companies and giving them the above information.

Feel free to contact DreamWeave Digital should you wish to get a moblile app estimate.