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mobile asset management south africa

Mobile Asset Management South Africa

June 3, 2017 - App Development Company, Mobile Asset Management South Africa -

Mobile Asset Management in South Africa has become a crucial part in maximising profitability by avoiding the loss of assets. Knowing where your business assets are geographically has a range of benefits.

As a mobile app development company we were recently contacted by a brilliant local craft brewery. The brewery of course use stainless steel kegs to distribute their golden liquid to establishment across Africa. These kegs are quite valuable and worthy of the term mobile asset. We developed an app which allows the craft brewery to keep track of all their kegs globally. This is done very easily during the delivery of the mobile asset by completing a short form within the app. The latitude and longitude of the venue is recorded as well as other information such as image, person responsible, keg size, date and unique identifiers. Once this quick process is completed the craft brewery can view their mobile assets on a map or see a list view of them ranked by distance. They can also navigate using GPS to any of the mobile assets should an inspection be needed or a collection be done. Sounds simple but adds a lot of control over a system that could potentially lead to major losses if appropriate care is not taken.

So the above is using craft beer kegs as an example of a mobile asset. The principal can be applied to any items your business deems valuable and that will benefit from being tracked.  Businesses that install and repair air-conditioners may benefit from seeing and tracking their geographic footprint. Their staff can also navigate using GPS to any mapped asset and make notes about that assets during the repair. This saves time as it improves efficiency.

Other examples of mobile asset management apps include:

  • Longer term rental equipment
  • Promotional Material
  • Large movable items such as sound equipment

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