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Mobile Friendly Website Revamp

Mobile Friendly Website Revamp

June 8, 2017 - App Development Company, eCommerce, Mobile Friendly Website Revamp, Web Design, Website Design Cape Town -

Mobile Responsive Website Revamp

At DreamWeave Digital, we regularly engage with clients that have websites that are not mobile friendly.  We then provide an estimate of what it would cost to revamp the existing website to be fully mobile responsive.

What are the benefits of mobile friendly websites?:

  1. Google ranking

Google will rank websites higher that are fully mobile responsive and thus fully mobile friendly. The reason for this is that Google is aware of the increase in mobile search traffic. Most people will now use their mobile browser to look for a product or service instead of going to the desktop or laptop. So Google wants to display websites that look and work great on a smaller screen such as a smartphone or tablet. Let’s face it, who wants to mess with your Google ranking.

2. Functionality

Older websites that do not adjust automatically to fit screen sizes of different devices often lose their functionality. This could be something as simple as a button not working or a menu being invisible. So having an older design could mean your website visitors are not able to engage with you and this may result in losing potential business. The smallest imperfection that make a client choose not to choose you.

3. Conversion

When your website is fully mobile responsive you will be able to convert more potential clients into actual paying clients as functionality is in perfect working condition. So no one will slip through the cracks. Sales is about getting leads and converting those leads into closed deals.

4. Organisation Image

It is tough to compete out there in the world of small business. It may be very possible that your website is being compared to your competitors and the fact that your site does not yet have a modern design could mean they will rather choose your competitor who has taken the time out to update the first thing potential clients see.

The cost to revamp you “old” website is not as high as you think. Please get in touch and let us provide you with a free of charge and no obligation estimate.

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