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New Business Ideas

December 2, 2015 - Mobile App Development -

New Business Ideas

There are many appreneurs rising, even in South Africa. Many types of businesses will be redundant in 20 years. But not apps. We have met so many “traditional” business owners that are starting to convert their old school store to an online app that is open 24/7 with fewer overheads and risks.

To make this move in 2015 in the South African context means you will be years ahead of your competitors. First to market is a rare achievement.

Most people have the urge to leave their boss and if you click on boss you will see why you need to strongly consider it. When the average person decides to take the leap to entrepreneurship they don’t really know where to start.

Start with what you know. If you are an expert or very familiar with a particular industry it is a much lower risk to enter into it from an entrepreneurial point of view. Perhaps you are currently working in an industry that has not yet embraced the digital business opportunities that are out there. This would be an ideal starting point. To take your experience and while you stay in your full time job you start building your digital business. You will then know when the time would be to make the move to invest all your efforts in your new business.

In the digital space, the ideal business is one where you do not need to exchange your time for money. The product or service is operating independently at all times and you as the owner is focused on marketing, growth and optimisation of the digital business.

We at DreamWeave Digital have been working on large project the last 6 months. It is called Wine Route South Africa. This app is a good example of such a digital service offering. The app is the first of it’s kind to list all the wine routes in South Africa. So basically as a tourist or wine lover you use this one single app to find wineries, search for products, find accommodation, contact tourism related businesses and much much more.

The business idea behind the app is that once it has a large user base, to approach the estates and other businesses to pay a monthly debit order of R60 to be listed in the app. So once you sign up 500 businesses you will receive recurring monthly income of R30 000.

The reason this particular app will do well is because the name is a search term in the app stores. It also puts all estates and relevant businesses into one app instead of using a numerous apps to achieve the same thing.

Another very useful feature of this app is the integration done with Uber. Wine lovers can now responsibly go from farm to farm by simply tapping on “Get an Uber”. No reason to over indulge and drive. Rather Uber it.

So this is a practical example of an app as a business and we will be launching this app into our client base mid December.

As always, feel free to contact us should you need any information.



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