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On Demand Supplier App

February 20, 2017 - App Development Company -

Since the arrival of the beautifully disruptive app called Uber, a new term and economy has been born called “On-Demand”. Simply put we as consumers want to request goods and services to come to our GPS location, whenever and wherever. In the case of Uber this means hailing a cab to your current position. Clever entrepreneurs/problem solvers have used this principal to provide other “on-demand” services. A local example of this is the app of the year winner 2016 called Domestly. This app allows you to request and pay for a domestic worker while on the days and times of your choosing. The fact that Domestly won app of the year is indeed an endorsement to the potential of these on-demand apps. Currently we are working on a few projects which will be launched soon showcasing more examples of this fantastic concept.