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Paperless Forms For Business

October 3, 2016 - Business Systems, Mobile App Development, Reporting applications -

Paperless Forms For Business

The reasons to rather use technology to complete forms such as membership sign ups, surveys or rental agreements are endless.

Besides saving thousands of pages of paper every year, you can never lose your documents as they are stored in the cloud. It is also easy to locate them as you can easily do a search in your cloud storage instead of searching the old filing cabinets. What makes mobile paperless forms so attractive is not only the speed and efficiency of completing a document but also the list of added benefits by using a mobile device’s built in features. Here are some intriguing features and their potential practical application:

Offline Access:

Even when there is no wifi or 3G you can complete forms as normal, they then upload to the server once you are online again.


Capture the map location/latitude-longitude of where a form was submitted.


You can upload images into your forms instantly by using the device camera or its existing photos.

Form Mapping:

This means you can have your fields display on a custom form of your choosing.

Data Export:

Choose when and how to export the data you collected in your paperless form.


Capture a person’s signature by having them sign on the device screen with their finger.


Your paperless form and its database can integrate with the top software services globally creating effective workflows and tasks that are automated.

If you would like to investigate a mobile paperless form for your company we would be happy to build you a demo app to test drive.

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