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QR Code Generator Services

August 2, 2015 - Mobile App Developer Company, Mobile App Development -

QR Code Generator Services

Many of our app development clients have asked us to create a dynamic QR code for them. QR stands for Quick Response and it delivers a fast dynamic result when scanned with a device.

QR codes are everywhere now. On the back of normal consumer products, or in our case our clients are putting them on the back of their wine labels to promote their app. Or some of our clients are promoting their apps by putting QR codes on billboards and flyers.

What is the advantage of a QR code?

1. They are dynamic.

This means depending on which device you use to scan it, it will deliver a dynamic result. For instance let’s say you have a mobile app and you want people to download it. Instead of telling them to search for the app in their respective app stores, or instead of sending them a few different links, you can rather just send them one QR Code of tell them it is on your website or email signature for them to scan. No matter what device they have, the dynamic QR code will identify that device and then send that person to the correct app store for their device to download the app.

2. They save time

People are generally lazy and they do not want to do a manual search for your app and they do not want to even type our your full url in their browser. Many people hope that google has an auto complete for the search term they are looking for so they can type less.

3. Marketing tool

All the big brands are making use of QR codes on their products. Some brands are even using it during their television commercials in the hope that the consumer will scan it on their tv from their device and be taken straight to a website or app of choice.

4. Cost effective

At DreamWeave Digital we can generate a dynamic QR code in high resolution  for R500.

To use a QR code in modern marketing is not an option, it is a necessary tool to further your efforts. Something as simple that can save so much time.


Get in touch should you need a dynamic QR code. It can do wonders for your business.