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Restaurant Apps South Africa

November 8, 2016 - Restaurant Apps South Africa - ,

Restaurant Apps South Africa

Some of the leading restaurants in South Africa have realised the need to have their own mobile app. 6 reasons it is critical to have a mobile app as a restaurant:

  1. Overall increase in sales

Combining the different benefits of a restaurant offering a mobile application leads to an overall increase in sales. The app does this by getting more bums on seats, making it easier and more convenient to order a take away, improves customer loyalty and many other factors.

2. Convenience

Customers love convenience. Once they have downloaded the restaurant app it is safely stored on their phone. They can browse the menu even when they do not have wifi or cellular reception. They can quickly place an order within the app or navigate to the restaurant with GPS. All the relevant information they need is in one handy place and easy to find.

3. Rewarding Loyalty

Restaurant apps have built in loyalty programs. These are digital and thus you can never lose your “loyalty card” as it is linked to your profile. All you need to do to receive your loyalty points is download the app and have your phone with you when you dine at the restaurant. Rewards can be in the forms of discounts or vouchers. It depends on the restaurant what would work best for them and their customers. There is also an opportunity to create custom loyalty programs. An example of this would be to ask visitors to take a selfie with their food and submit it in the app. The restaurant can then see all entries in one Google Sheet and so award loyalty easily.

4. Point of difference

When hungry customers are faced with choosing between restaurant that all appear to be the same. They are more likely to choose and frequent a restaurant that has an app making their lives easier. Restaurants that have apps also send a strong signal that they are serious about providing great service and value to their clients. This sets them apart from their competitors.

5. Remind and Reward

Restaurant apps have a few ways to remind customers about deals and to get more feet through the doors. The first one is called sending out a push notification to all the app users. This notification can contain a simple invitation like ” All pizzas R55 Monday to Friday 12pm to 5pm ” The notification appears on the customers smartphone the same as a sms but some much better. Bettter, because you can slide open the notification and it opens in a certain section in the app. So the restaurant can determine where in the app they want their user to have a look. The second more interesting way to remind clients using a restaurant app is by sending geo-notifications. These are notifications that go out to a geographic radius only. So the restaurant can promote their happy hour by sending a geo-notification within 5km from their location along the lines of ” We see you are nearby, pop in for half price craft beer “.

6. Customer Retention

By communicating thoughtful messages to app users, improving their dining experience while helping them save money the restaurant retains customers more effectively. Customers are more open to receiving push notifications then weekly newsletters. The old school email newsletter to try retain customers is fast becoming a thing of the past.

The cost of restaurant apps in South Africa

DreamWeave Digital is a leader in the development of restaurant apps in South Africa. As such we can keep development cost very low. The average restaurant app in South Africa will cost between R15 000 and R30 000 depending on the features required. Should you want a demo or a quote for your restaurant app please get in touch.


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