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Retail Trade Reporting Applications

May 20, 2015 - Mobile App Development, Reporting applications -

Retail Trade Reporting Applications

Organisations that operate in the retail sector regularly have to activate products and promotions to ensure growth of their business. These campaigns and their effectiveness can be extremely difficult to measure without the use of mobile applications or handheld technology. The current/traditional method of measurement does not yield data that can be quantified and then visually represented according to customized specifications. This is where DreamWeave Digital offers a solution to organisations.

Imagine for a moment that a national liquor distributor launches a new product that is set to go into a specific key account nationally. The product can be sent to the outlets nationally but the campaign’s success lies in the effective execution of certain key performance indicators.

The compliance of these KPI’s need to be captured in store by a merchandiser or representative on a handheld device which will prompt the applications user on a set of questions relating to the campaign. In addition to answering these quick questions in order to determine compliance, the mobile application will also allow for location mapping, store manager signature capture, representative geo-tracking and many more useful functions.

This field data is submitted and available in REAL TIME to managers who have access to customized dashboards housed on a web portal. This allows dashboards to be customized according to user permissions and for the manager to open it up anytime, anywhere they have an internet connection. Who doesn’t want to be able to see their field force in action as you eat your cereal at home on a Saturday morning?

DreamWeave offers simple, user friendly, technology solutions that empower your field force to work faster and smarter, for feedback loops to be eliminated, and for management to monitor progress in real time. The result, better execution, faster intervention and improved communication.