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School Apps South Africa

June 2, 2017 - Mobile App Developer Company, School App - , ,

Schools are fast realising the value a custom mobile app offers to improve the communication process between school, parent and learners. DreamWeave Digital is launching a new school app that will not only be the most well priced offering in South Africa, but will offer the most features and functionality for schools & parents. The reason this is possible is because a standard template will not be used like the current market leader. Each app is custom developed according to the school’s specific needs instead of re-branding a template.

Having one or even a few kids in school is a logistical challenge. There are so many activities that need to be remembered by poor Mom. So an app makes it much easier for parents to stay on top of it all as all information is delivered clearly and kept neatly in one place.

The benefits of a school app in the South African context:

Push Notifications

Probably one of the most important features. Parents can receive 3 types of push notifications: 1. General Notifications that go out to all parents. 2. Category based notifications that go out if they opted in to a certain category such as Grade R. 3. Individual push notifications that go to just that individual parent. Each of these 3 methods of sending a push notifications has a variety of valuable applications.

User/Parent Profile

This feature provides personalised content to parents. Here they can see information/schedule/events/updates about their own children. Only the parent has access to this information and the information is updated by the school app administrators.

Reward Loyalty

Each school can create their own custom loyalty system. This can be to reward parents to attend certain events, the school coffee shop or anything where the school wants to increase parent participation and engagement.

GPS Navigation

Parents can navigate within the app to any event or location inside the app. This saves time and eliminates frustration.

Events Calendar

View future and past events. Add them to your calendar. Share them with friends and family. Navigate to events using in app GPS. These events are easily managed by the school in their CMS Dashboard.

Offline Usage

Important pdf documents such as maps, directions, class list etc. can be accessed while the mobile device does not have signal or wifi.

Food Menu

Conveniently read the food menu and pre-order for your kids with an easy form.


View the entire schedule of activities and deadline in one place.


Easily find an answer to your questions within the app.

Electronic Forms

One of the best things about apps for schools are electronic forms and how the data from them can be used to power a Google Sheet to organise data for instance. These forms are 100% customisable, they save time and are a pleasure to use within the app.

Social Media

All social media channels in one place.

Lock Sections

Easily control access to certain sections of the app with a pass code. This can be useful for app administrators.


Any YouTube video’s can be viewed without leaving the app or linking out to YouTube.

CMS Dashboard

Schools can log in to and view app analytics, manage events, manage content, send push notifications and more.

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