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March 18, 2016 - Mobile App Developer Company - ,

Search Engine Optimisation

Any business wants to be on page 1 of Google for their industry search term. Being on page 1 of Google means you will get thousands of Rands worth of free advertising by being an organic search result. How can this be achieved? Many companies offering SEO services will guarantee a page 1 result. This is really quite misleading as there is no way to pre-determine the success of an SEO campaign. The reason the success cannot be pre-determined relates to a variety of factors that impact Google’s algorithm for determining where your website must rank. Google wants to show their users the most relevant results first. This is how people will keep using their service. So Google will scan all sites regularly and use an incredible algorithm to determine who is number 1 on page 1 and who is unfortunately number 10 on page 10. As we all know, it’s not often we visit page 2 of Google. One of the biggest mistakes made quite often and thus causes your site to be penalised by Google is having duplicate content on your site. This means copy and pasting anything from other sources on the internet that were there before you. Original relevant content is of high value to Google.

So in our real world experience with SEO, of our own website and our clients’ we find the best way to approach an SEO campaign is to ensure all the fundamental site aspects are in place and then to make sure Google will take you seriously as the most relevant result. It took us as a company 8 months to reach page 1 of Google for our main keyword search which is “app development cape town”. You have to have a bit of an obsession with letting Google know you are seriously relevant almost on a daily basis. Our advice, when seeking SEO services is to retain a company that will be obsessed with getting you to page 1 and keep you there long term. One of our favourite clients Amanda, has been enjoying spot 1 and spot 2 on page 1 of Google for 18 months now. This makes us very happy and she has saved a ton of money not having to advertise to be found Google.

App Store Optimisation

Currently, as there is not much competition in the app store it is much easier to rank for keywords of your choice. This is one of the reasons some of our clients prefer taking an app to market instead of a website. One such real example is an app we developed called Factory Shops SA. If you visit the Google Play Store¬†and type in the search bar “Factory Shops” , then out of hundreds of apps ranking for that particular search term you will see our app at the number 1 spot. This is because it is, according to the Google Play Store, the most relevant result.

If you are already in business and you believe an app is the way forward to ensure growth and retain your customers then we would be very happy to meet with you. If you are embarking on starting a new small business then we would also love to be part of that process with you. To see our clients make a success of their businesses using the products we build is the ultimate reward.

Chat soon.