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Smartphone Market Share South Africa

October 19, 2016 - Mobile App Development - ,

Smartphone Market Share South Africa

As mobile app developers it has been quite interesting watching the battle between Samsung and Apple. Especially so in the last 2 years. We had our predictions that Apple was losing ground quite rapidly to rival smartphone brand Samsung. Well as of earlier this year ( 2016 ) Samsung has secured 41% of the South African market and second on the list is not even Apple. It is Blackberry. Apple comes in 3rd at a mere 6% of the South African market. Perhaps the 6% figure will climb with the introduction of less expensive iPhones like the iPhone SE which you can buy for R8500 at Takealot, but we doubt it as you can get a better Samsung for half that price.

So when you take the dominant market share into account of Samsung at 41% it is clever to think Android first when wanting to launch your first mobile application. Not only is Android a relatively friendly Operating System to develop for but it takes less development time than iOS as well. So generally the iOS version of an app is more expensive then its Android counterpart.




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