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Successful Apps Made in South Africa

February 9, 2017 - Mobile App Developer Company - ,

Local is lekker and here is a list of successful apps that were made right here in South Africa.

  1. Factory Shops SA

This app has over 60 000 downloads and it owes its success to having a focused approach: Help people save money by letting them find their nearest factory shops without hassle. The app is growing at a rapid pace and more people are becoming clever shoppers by using the Factory Shops SA app. Simply put if you need new jeans you just open the app and type “jeans” and instantly it shows you a choice of factory shops ranked by closest to you. You can then even navigate to the shop or request an Uber all within the app.

2. Yummy Deals

The first app to list restaurant specials across South Africa that don’t have any red tape. This means you do not need to jump through hoops to go enjoy the special. The app shows restaurant specials by weekday. So if you are in the mood for a pizza special you open Wednesday and type “pizza” and you will see your closest pizza specials. You then just phone the restaurant and make a booking. No need to even mention the app. No coupons, vouchers or anything. The app is based on the blackboard special principle. Most restaurants have blackboard specials that do not make their way to internet. So the only way of knowing about them is to walk past the restaurant. Enter Yummy Deals. The team constantly updates specials and thus you as the app user can discover hidden gems and enjoy a ton of 50% off specials without needing any form of deal redemption.

3. Wine & Beer Route SA

This app decided to list all the wineries and craft breweries into one app and to promote responsible consumption by adding an Uber integration. So now you can find any wine farm or craft brewery and use the app to go visit them using GPS navigation or Uber. Aimed at locals and tourists, this app is a powerful directory for any wine or craft beer lover.

4. I Do Wedding Directory

Planning a wedding is stressful. This app elegantly helps you to plan your special day. Hundreds of suppliers at your fingertips from across South Africa. Add suppliers as favourites and easily navigate to them using GPS navigation.

5. Child Friendly SA

Parents can now feel confident that there is an app looking after their parental needs. Child Friendly SA is a directory of thousands of Child Friendly venues and services. You can find your nearest service provider that caters for the needs of your little ones. Explore new places and make more memories by using this free app.


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