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Technology in the spotlight – World Economic Forum

May 9, 2016 - Mobile App Developer Company -

This week the 26 World Economic Forum on Africa kicks off in Kigali, Rwanda. Regional and global political, business and civil society leaders will convene with a focus on discussing technological catalysts that can be used to harness potential in drive growth across the African continent.

The theme of the meeting is ‘Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation’ and provides an opportunity for thought-leaders to consider the rapid pace of technological development and the potential it presents, in an African context, to create new industries, reduce inequality, extend the reach of services and to accelerate growth.

We will watch the proceedings with great interest as the focus and path of digital transformation in Africa is a cause very close to our hearts. You are very welcome to join us in watching and discussing the outcomes of the forum.

Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. You can also follow the Global Shapers community and their campaign to make internet available to everyone (we CANNOT agree more!). The forum will be using the hashtag #af16.

Or watch the livestream right here:


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