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The benefits of mobile apps for businesses

August 4, 2015 - Mobile App Developer Company, Mobile App Development -

The benefits of mobile apps for businesses

As a mobile app development company based in Cape Town we often have prospective clients asking us what the benefits are of mobile apps especially compared to mobile websites.

Why should my business invest in a mobile application?

This is a great question and we love answering it.

Let’s talk about the mobile revolution first.

It’s no secret that we all are spending an increasing amount of time on our smartphones/tablets and so less time on our pc’s or laptops.

Our smartphones are becoming “phablets” which means their screen size is large enough to be considered a phone that is also a tablet. (iPhone 6 Plus).

This trend towards mobile also means that Steve Jobs was right in 2010 when he predicted that tablets would outsell pc’s. In 2015 this happened and it means every business should take mobile very seriously as mobile is where their customers will be spending their time.

The average person spends 2 hours a day on a mobile device. Of this 2 hours, 86% is spent using a mobile application and only 14% is spent user the mobile browser. This means that we all love using apps instead of the mobile friendly website version inside the device browser. ( Source )

Some of the benefits of developing a mobile application for your business include:

1. Apps deliver faster more relevant results.


Most often the most relevant result is the one closest to you. Apps use your device’s GPS location to give you better results.

2. Apps have offline capabilities.

This means even when you are not connected to the internet you can access the information of a certain business. For instance, we developed a restaurant specials mobile app called Yummy Deals. Even when you are not connected you can find your nearest restaurant specials and their contact details.

3. Apps help to increase loyalty & revenue


Let’s say you have a mobile app which customers can download to their device. This means your company logo is now visible on their device and they are just one tap of the finger away from consuming your content. Then in order to get them to engage you can send them a push notification which brings up our 4th benefit.

4. Push Notifications


Once your customers have downloaded your app you can send them a non-invasive push notification perhaps about a special or exclusive offer. They can then respond to that by phoning you to place an order or they can find your nearest branch and navigate to you to buy whatever you may be selling. The push notification opens up a premium channel of communication between the business and the customer. The benefits of mobile apps for businesses are increasing daily.

5. Navigation


Apps allow you to navigate directly to a point of interest. This can be driving or even walking. For instance you can have an app that helps first year students at UCT locate their lecture halls on campus until they know their way around the maze that is the campus.

6. Social media all in one place


Apps allow live feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms. This means that a customer can quickly access the latest information about your business and get a sense of the culture and vibe immediately and come visit you.


7. Competitive advantage


If like most businesses you are trying to stand out and offer something different than your competitors, the sooner you make a mobile app available to your customers the better you can reinforce that your brand or company is forward thinking and focussed on a better customer experience. In a few years from now, a mobile app for a business will be as standard as a website is for a business currently. By getting an app now you are an early adopter of modern marketing methods and a leader in your industry.


8. More effective selling


By using an app, you can turn electronic commerce into mobile commerce. This means the customer who is used to buying your goods and services from their pc on your website, can now easily access your app while sitting on their couch watching rugby and then order their favourite items from you quickly and conveniently.


9. Less competition

It’s never crowded along the extra mile. By going the distance for your customers and offering them a mobile app your business will be competing in a much less saturated market meaning you will stand out more and generate more leads.

10. Better return of investment (ROI)

Mobile application development is becoming more affordable and the return on investment is more measurable. At DreamWeave Digital we have pleasantly surprised many of our clients by delivering the most competitive quote they have seen for their project and often being able to build more premium functionality into the apps for the same or better price than other quotes.

These benefits are some of the key points but are by no means the only benefits to having your own mobile application developed. If you have any questions about taking your business to the next level in mobile then please contact us at

All the best,


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