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The Chat Bots Are Here

September 15, 2016 - Chatbots, Mobile App Developer Company, Mobile App Development -

Chatbots South Africa

The shift is happening.

Imagine a big corporate that has a large call centre with a staff compliment of 500. These employees answer questions and for certain companies some of those questions all have a standard answers with some conditional variations. In short, a human is not needed to give those customer answers and a Chat Bot works for free and does not complain about working overtime. So currently the Chat Bot scene is developing in South Africa but is indeed in the introduction phase as many large companies are not aware yet of the money saving and service improving technology.

Bot technology is also referred to as conversational commerce.For instance, Facebook messenger as an app opens the opportunity for businesses to integrate bots into their existing platform. So what this practically means is that a business owner has a business page on Facebook, he hires DreamWeave Digital to build him a chat bot that integrates with Facebook messenger, then customers can interact with the chat bot and get immediate answers to questions and it will feel like they are talking to a friend. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook said that they believe a customer should be able to message a business just like they do a friend. So not only will the chat bot be a conversational genius it will even be able to make bookings and process payments on your behalf.

If you are not a big corporate, you can still service your clients better by using the latest bot technology. Cutting on overheads and improving the customer experience is a fantastic investment in your business.

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