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Our Website Featured on Top Billing

August 12, 2015 - Clients, Web Design, Website Design Cape Town - ,

Top Billing Insert for Pallet Furniture Cape Town

Last year we developed a website called for a client that identified the ever growing need for furniture made out of recycled wood. We have subsequently also developed

We made the website search engine friendly and it wasn’t long before it took up first position on Google for pallet furniture related searches. Thanks to solid SEO tactics ,this sought after spot in Google helped the business grown steadily without the need to spend anything on advertising at all.

The website was then recently featured on Top Billing and our client got to showcase some of their work to all the viewers of Top Billing.

Here is a link to the segment on Top Billing’s website which also contains the YouTube clip.

But if you simply can’t wait to watch the video then you can view it immediately below.

We are very proud of our client and that the site we developed was featured on national television.

Well done to the team at Pallet Furniture Cape Town.

In short, stick with us and we’ll make you famous!

All the best,


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