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Venture Capital and Startups in SA

August 17, 2015 - Mobile App Developer Company - , ,

We are a startup. Its a difficult road. You have to find funding. You have to take risk. You have to face fear of failure, of disappointment, of loss of security, of embarrassment. In return you get to dream, to take control, you get the freedom to experiment, you learn.

Every startup has their own story, and each startup is valuable. There should be more startups…

The growth of venture capital and in angel investors willing to take risk for a stake in a startup is big news in my book. Those guys hold the key for so many dreamers and for the people they can potentially influence.

Venture capital creates job, it disrupts industries, it fosters creativity…its the petrol in the engine of entrepreneurship.

We love venture capital. We love this blog post.

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