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We are top of Google!

May 29, 2017 - App Development Company -

DreamWeave Digital is very proud that Google has placed us at the very top of their organic search results ( not paid for results) for many app development related search terms. We have occupied this space for over a year now and recently Google also gave us spot 2 and spot 3 on the first page of Google as well. ( search “app development cape town” )

App development is a competitive space in South Africa. Every company wants to be on page 1 so anyone needing app development can find their business quickly and make contact. Most buying decisions start with people doing a search for that service online. Online means Google ( not so much Bing and Yahoo nowadays ). While it is every company’s goal to be on page 1, it is their dream to occupy the number 1 spot on page 1. Because of this prime position we have in the app development space in South Africa, we have the good fortune of dealing with many new clients on a daily basis. This means we build more apps than most of our competitors and with building more apps comes more experience. Experience leads to being able to do things faster at the same or higher level of quality. For this reason our app development prices have been the most competitive in the market. It is very simple. The more you develop, the better you get at it. The better you are at it, the less time you have to spend on it and thus be able to quote lower for a better product.

We value the position Google has given to us and we will continue to offer our existing and new clients the best possible value for app development in South Africa and beyond.

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