Over the years we have worked with many different website hosting services in South Africa and also abroad. What we have seen, and still see consistently is that website hosting in South Africa does not compare well with the likes of HostGator who is based in the United States. The most common problems we have to deal with when working on a website that is on South African website hosting are:

  1. Server speed

In general if you use website hosting based in South Africa your server speed is about 5 times slower. This is incredibly frustrating when doing website development as everything takes 5 times longer to upload to the server. So when installing WordPress, installing premium themes, adding plugins and doing any configuration takes a very long time. We have even had clients become so frustrated by website hosting in South Africa that they asked us to move them over to HostGator.

2. Pricing

South African website hosting companies offer many pricing tiers. So you will see many people being happy to pay only R29 a month for hosting. But not much can be achieved with those packages as they normally don’t have a cPanel and have severe storage limitations. Then even if you take the more expensive packages you are still falling way short of what you could get by rather hosting your website in the USA. When we compare packages and their technical specs we find website hosting in South Africa to be twice as expensive on average.

3. Value

You quickly run into a limitation. It normally starts with speed, then file upload size, then allowed memory and so on. The value is not great as you do not face these challenges when using website hosting based in the USA like HostGator.

4. Support/Live Chat

We have had some challenging experiences trying to get support from website hosting companies in South Africa.

It will save you plenty of frustration in the long run if you rather host your website at a recommended hosting company in the USA. If one of our clients insist on using a website hosting company in South Africa we first build the website on our own faster server and once the project is signed off we transfer the site to the slower South Africa server. This saves weeks in development.