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Wine & Beer Route SA

June 1, 2017 - App Development Company, Clients, Restaurant Apps South Africa -

We all love the ultimate wine directory called the John Platter. But imagine having all the wineries and the craft beer breweries in one app and then taking advantage of the benefits an app can offer.

  • You will be able to see the distance a certain venue is from your location.
  • Search for services and be shown your nearest match.
  • Navigate to venues with built in GPS navigation or even grab an Uber from within the app.

These are some of the key benefits offered by Wine & Beer Route SA for Apple and for Android.

Other cool aspects:

  • Find Whisky & Brandy distilleries.
  • Find nearby restaurants and make a booking.
  • Find activities for Kids, Couples or the whole family.
  • Buy cheap flights and book cars.
  • Use the offline maps when you do not have signal.
  • View and add events to your calendar.

and much much more.